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Hello guys!

So how was your halloween? I had three halloween partys and three different costumes. (even though we don't celebrate halloween in my country)  You'll see photos later.

But i'm not gonna write about my halloween. I just wanted to inform you that where you can find me at internet. :)

Facebook (i wanna keep this personal and everything there is finnish, but if you're my dev friend and wanna follow me at fb so let me know your name :') )
Youtube… I'm making videoblogs mostly of cosplay. And unfortunately i'm speaking     finnish.. I've been thinking about to put subtitles but... as you can see i'm not so good at english.. xD It takes me forever to translate and there are some things that i don't know if I can translate. My big dream is to make my videos someday in english :heart:__:heart:But let me know if you're interested to follow me at youtube and then i try my best to make subtitles.
Intragram Chamira_a

Christmas is here soon. Am I the only one that is not so excited..? :'D
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Hello! =)

So, my name is Minna and I'm 20 years-old girl who lives alone in Lahti, Finland. (Doesn't mean that i'm single :'D) I'm studying... interior design? :'D I dont know what its called but decoration things anyway . Right now I don't have a job, but i'm looking for a part-time job.
I love animals, cosplay, photographing, playing games and more more things ^^
You may have noticed that I'm not good at english. Sorry for that :worry:
If you want to ask anything, go ahead. You can ask anything =D

Hopefully you enjoy my gallery!

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kevin4 Feb 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
happy birthday! :)Hug 
thank you so much! :glomp:
kevin4 Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
no problom :)Hug 
Häppy B-day!~ ^^
oon niiiiiin myöhässä mutta kiitti silti! xD :tighthug:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!...kupo  :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!....kupo  :)
ou god, i'm so sorry that i respond so late! But i hope that you had a great christmas and wonderful 2014!! :tighthug:
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!...kupo :)
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